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Bernardito explores the rise of modern tactics of counter-insurgency through the lens of decolonialism and nationalist movements. Starting in French Indochina, the first half of this episode gives an overview of the efforts of the French to maintain colonial control in that region. Their defeat sets the stage for conflict in Algeria, where France was determined not to lose control of what they considered part of Metropolitan France. The latter half of the podcast covers key Algerian grievances, the formation of the FLN, and early actions on both sides, concluding with Phillipeville. Part 1 of 2.  

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RioAbajo discusses the 1680 Pueblo Revolt, in which the indigenous people in what is now the Four Corners region drove out the Spanish colonizers. Starting with a discussion of Pueblo social, political, and religious organization we move from there into the arrival of the Spanish and the institution of the Mission system and encomiendas. Antagonism leads to a unified Pueblo force driving the Spanish from Santa Fe and initiating a decade without European intervention. The episode concludes with a discussion of how this event helped to shape a common and persistent Pueblo cultural identity.

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