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September 2014
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Daeres speaks to 400-Rabbits about a collection of cuneiform documents known as the Assyrian State Archives. The interview delves into texts relating to everything from high level political arrangements to land purchases to hectoring bureaucratic memos to one poor official who was simply not very good at spelling. Insights into Assyrian life and historiography occur amidst this textual conversation. 

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Husky54 speaks to 400-Rabbits about the Hebrew Bible. They cover what exactly the "Hebrew Bible" really is, when it was written, who was doing the writing, the historical precursors, corresponding epigraphy, textual intricacies, and, of course, Richard Dawkins.

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DavidAOP and EternalKerri continue their talk on all things piratical. This second of two parts focuses more on the meta-conversation of the study of pirates, their portrayals in popular media, the place as cultural icons, and, of course, that famous accent, before wrapping up with why and how this era came to an end.

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400-Rabbits moderates a discussion with DavidAOP and EternalKerri over the Golden Age of Pirates. Did a Pirate Code exist? What about pirate cities? What did pirates actually do all day and how did they go about finding booty for plunder? Just how common was being made to walk the plank? Why is EternalKerri so excited about keelhauling? All these topics and more get covered. Part 1 of 2.

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AC_7 speaks to 400-Rabbits on the topic of the infamous early action of World War 2, the Battle of France. The preparations for the Nazi invasion of France, the vaious plans, opening moves, the motivations of both sides, and the ultimate aftermath are all covered. 

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Snickeringshadow and 400-Rabbits continue their discussion on the topic of the Mesoamerican group commonly known as the Tarascans. In this second of two parts, the expansion of the Tarascan state, their clashes with Aztecs, and the eventual arrival of the Spanish are all covered.

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Snickeringshadow is interviewed by 400-Rabbits on the topic of the Mesoamerican group commonly known as the Tarascans. In this first of two parts, the origin of the Tarascans, their initial settlement in Michoacan, and their rise to power are outlined along with dramatic details and archaeological asides.

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AskHistorians Podcast Episode 12: TasfromTAS sits down with Domini_canes and tobbinator to discuss The Spanish Civil War, organizing anarchist movements, fascism, and the drama and horror of war. 

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Tas interviews Shakespeare-Gurl about a topic that has nothing to do with Shakespeare: Medieval Japan. The Heian period and particularly the "pirates" of that time are covered, along with the Tale of the Heike and some general notes about working with Japanese primary sources.

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Trying something new this week! Tas, AnOldHope, 400-Rabbits & caffarelli got together to talk alcohol, reddit, moderator lyfe and upcoming episodes. AnOldHope did an impromptu AMA too, which was hilariously informative.

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