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Feb 1, 2019

Today, we are releasing part two of our two-part series of interviews of historians at the American Historical Association this year.


On this episode we have an interview with G Patrick O'Brien (@historia_passim) about his dissertation, tentatively titled “Unknown and Unlamented: Loyalist Women in Exile and Repatriation, 1775-1800,” examines loyalist women in Nova Scotia and addresses questions of identity, community formation, and the maintenance of kinship networks in the late-eighteenth century.


We also have an interview with Nathan Tye (@Hobo_History), a historian of the nineteenth and twentieth century United States. His research documents the fascinating but misunderstood lives of hobos, tramps, and others transient populations that traveled the country by freight-hopping from the 1870s through 1930s.


We also have @hmcbee87, who is a Public History PhD Candidate at Middle Tennessee State University, about WWII relics brought back by soldiers and what they tell us about war, people, and museums.


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