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Apr 2, 2021

In this episode, P.H. Jones and Johannes Breit discuss one of the largest publishing hoaxes of the 20th century: The Hitler Diaries. When German journalist Gerd Heidemann entered a world of Nazis, old and new, WWII memorabilia, and collectors of Hitler paintings in the 70s, he never expected to find the alleged diaries of Adolf Hitler. Allegedly smuggled out of East Germany, this was the find of a lifetime. While Heidemann and his employer, Stern, already had dollar signs in their eyes, they didn’t expect to find themselves at the centre of one of the largest journalistic and publishing scandals of the last century that would ruin them, make the forger a star and humiliate Rupert Murdoch. Jones and Breit will take you through the whole story that involves everything from Hermann Göring’s Yacht to a forger of German lunch vouchers to David Irving and that ends with several millions Mark missing and several people in prison.