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Oct 1, 2020

The panelists aimed to explore different historiographical perspectives relating to: the current political climate in Brazil and the challenges the Bolsonaro administration poses for historians and scholars of the humanities; outlining essential considerations when designing universally accessible academic resources and archives; introducing an open-source, peer-reviewed collection of digital resources pertaining to the history of the LBGTQIA+ community; and producing an oral history collection that showcases student and faculty experiences in learning and teaching during the COVID19 pandemic.

Historical Experts:

Kirsteen MacKenzie - "The Importance of Universal Access Principles in Digital History"

Brian Watson - "Building an LGBTQIA+ archive" (More info at

Mário Rezende - "Writing History in a country that chases historians"

Summer Cherland - "More and More Every Day: An Oral History Collection of Teaching and Learning in the COVID19 Era" (More info at

The roundtable was moderated by Juan Sebastián Lewin.