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The conversation with Celebreth continues, picking up after the 2nd Punic War. This episode covers the 3rd Punic War, Marian reforms, and the ascent of Julius Caesar. The discussion ends, as did the Republic, with Octavian becoming Augustus and establishing the principate.

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Celebreth covers the history of the Roman Republic through its military development and campaigns, reflecting on how conquest, politics, and society are intertwined. With host Jasfss, they cover everything from the initial militias of the city of Rome, up through the battles against Hannibal in the Second Punic War.

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The conversation with Bernardito continues, picking up with the aftermath of the Phillipeville Massacre. This episode covers the rest of the Algerian War, including the quadrillage, the Battle of Algiers, and the coup that brought the 4th Republic to an end. Also discussed are the spiral of violence in collective reprisals, David Galula's writings on counterinsurgency, and the importance of air mobile tactics.

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Bernardito explores the rise of modern tactics of counter-insurgency through the lens of decolonialism and nationalist movements. Starting in French Indochina, the first half of this episode gives an overview of the efforts of the French to maintain colonial control in that region. Their defeat sets the stage for conflict in Algeria, where France was determined not to lose control of what they considered part of Metropolitan France. The latter half of the podcast covers key Algerian grievances, the formation of the FLN, and early actions on both sides, concluding with Phillipeville. Part 1 of 2.  

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RioAbajo discusses the 1680 Pueblo Revolt, in which the indigenous people in what is now the Four Corners region drove out the Spanish colonizers. Starting with a discussion of Pueblo social, political, and religious organization we move from there into the arrival of the Spanish and the institution of the Mission system and encomiendas. Antagonism leads to a unified Pueblo force driving the Spanish from Santa Fe and initiating a decade without European intervention. The episode concludes with a discussion of how this event helped to shape a common and persistent Pueblo cultural identity.

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DonaldFDraper drops in to give a broad overview of how European politics and military tactics changed in the extended century running from the end of the 30 Years War up into the ascent Napoleon. Starting with Gustavus Adolphus, the development of line infantry, and the resuscitation of cavalry tactics, the episode progresses there into the War of Spanish Succession and the dynastic gamesmanship that dictated the pace of war and peace. The episode proceeds from there into the War of Austrian Succession, the rise of Prussia, the Diplomatic Revolution, the Seven Years War, new artillery tactics, and the relative merits of muskets vs. rifles.  

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The conversation with Elos continues. The changing tactical nature of the Great War during and after the Somme is the focus of this episode. Increasing precision in artillery strikes and impletation of infiltration/stormtrooper tactics are covered as we progress towards armistice with stops at Ypres and the 1918 German counter-offensives along the way.

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Elos discusses some of the prominent and popular ideas about The Great War, particularly in the anglosphere. Covered are the notion of "lions led by donkeys" and the idea of marching lockstep into machine gun fire, as well as the expected time an average soldier would spend in a combat zone. Key, however, is challenging the idea that WWI was a static and senseless conflict, instead of a dynamic engagement whose tactics and strategy were rooted in practical considerations.

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Caffarelli composes a special episode on Alessandro Moreschi, the famous castrato opera singer whose voice was preserved by early recording technology. She discusses his life, his music, limitations on recordings, and the practice of musical castration. This solo episode is followed by a short Q&A session.  

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Usual host 400-Rabbits takes a turn as the interviewee, speaking on the relationship between the sister cities of Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco. The early history of the Mexica, the founding of the cities, and their different trajectories in Mesoamerican history are covered, culminating in the 1473 CE war between the two polities. In the background of the episode is the problem of interpreting primary sources, their biases and inconsistencies.

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