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User Algenon Asimov answers the (very) popular question: How did we decide what year it is? Also, some announcements! We move to a fortnightly production schedule, and Celebreth & 400 Rabbits are joining the host team.

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Part 2 of the interview with /u/400-Rabbits on the Aztec Conquest. Cortez is enters Tenochtitlan. What happens next will amaze you!

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This week we interview 400-Rabbits and talk tequila, anthropology and the Aztec Conquest.

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This week we look at the role of human sacrifice in Mesoamerican cultures. Tas and idjet read a series of answers from snickeringshadow on the topic.

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TasfromTAS tells the dreadful tale of the cannibal convict of Van Diemen's Land, Alexander Pearce. Also talks Tasmanian Gothic literature and sings a song.

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