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The AskHistorians Podcast

AskHistorians Podcast 096A [Unedited] -- Scottish Military Orders -- A Microhistory

Oct 13, 2017

A special bonus episode: a microhistory of the military orders in Scotland!

Oct 6, 2017

This week we have a great interview with /u/Rhodis on the military orders, like the Knights Templars, Hospitallers and others!  Today he will be gong us a thorough and factual history of these military orders, which often swirl with myth and legends and provide fodder for thousands of fantasy authors. Expect a special...

Sep 25, 2017

Today Doug Priest (u/TenMinuteHistory on the subreddit) will explain the 1905 Revolution. This less well known precursor to the 1917 Revolutions, illustrates how the repeated failure to resolve Russia's most pressing economic, political, and social issues would set the stage for the overthrow of the Tzar over a decade...

Sep 8, 2017

Today we are joined by Andrew Mangham, an Associate Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture at the University of Reading, UK. He writes about the intersections between literature and the history of medicine, with a particular interest in crime, death, and the darker sides of humanity. His most recent book is a...

Aug 28, 2017

In light of the upcoming 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, Professor Peter Wilson talks with us about the Holy Roman Empire in the 16th century.


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